Sunday, December 18, 2016

Jerome Family Update 2016

I get to this point of the year and love to look back at what our family has done in the past 12 months. So here are our highlights for 2016:

Darrell's sister, Toni, turned 60 and we were able to celebrate with her.

 Ann-Marie finished her Level 5 year with a 5th place finish on floor.
Evan completed his freshman year playing basketball with the Plants & Pillars Basketball team.  Basketball continues to be his favorite sport.

Alec also played basketball for the first time with the 4th-6th grade team.
 School continues on at the Jerome Academy.....
 Ann-Marie babysat all summer for the first time.  We fell in love with this little guy.
 The second kid in our family had to get glasses.

 Ann-Marie turned 13!  Our second teenager......
 And I was able to fly back to Iowa to celebrate my sister's 40th birthday.
 We enjoyed a trip to Kalahari.....

 And we always enjoy being outdoors....
 We were able to buy a second vehicle, for which we are very thankful for.
 We snuck in a couple of visits with our friends, the Shullenbarger family, and ran a very hot, "fastest mile" race.
 Alec participated in gymnastics and soccer, as well as soccer camps and stayed busy with friend activities.
 We undertook some home improvements, which ended up including replacing our roof and front porch.
 Ann-Marie stays busy with activities with her gymnastics friends....

 We visited Kennywood as well as Waldemeer, which was new to us.  We were able to also spend a day at Lake Erie.

Our biggest trip of the year was driving across country visiting my family from Illinois to Colorado!  We were able to see all of my family along the way, make some amazing memories, and Darrell attended his New York Life conference in Denver, Colorado.  The drive was long, but the time with family and adventures we had were precious and worth it!

 The new school year started out in Colorado, with Evan starting his sophomore year with PACyber on the road.  Ann-Marie is in 8th grade and Alec is in 5th.

 Evan participated in another year of soccer.
 We celebrated our niece's wedding.  Congratulations to Jacob & Natalie!

 Alec celebrated his 11th birthday.....
 Ann-Marie started her Level 6 gymnastics year with winning 1st place all-around in her age group.
We were able to get family pictures taken (thank you Christy Grace Photography!)

Merry Christmas to you and your family!  And we pray that you have a wonderful New Year!