Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Well, it's been two weeks since I've done any blogging, so I guess it's time for an update. Two weeks.....either we've done nothing or we've been crazy busy......and yes, it's the latter. We've had two celebrations - our 12th wedding anniversary, then only six days later it is Darrell's birthday. These two celebrations within a week of each other makes it a little busy for us, but it also gives me a week to think about how blessed we are. Darrell is truly my best friend, who accepts me as I am (bad habits, quirks, and all!) and has never tried to change anything about me. He is so supportive and encouraging and is a wonderful father.

No birthday cake this year - Darrell's sister, Toni, and the kids made him a coconut dessert. Ann-Marie topped it off with a candle she made. A take-out dinner from the restaurant "The Green Mango" - a Thai restaurant near Toni's house - got me out of cooking a birthday dinner!
And onto school - how is it going. It is going very well...I took some pictures today of how Alec is fitting in. Above, Evan is reading an assignment to Alec (I think it is from a Mythology book). And below, Ann-Marie is "teaching" Alec how to do subtraction from her math assignment. So there it is, a short update on a very hectic two weeks at the Jerome household!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bob the Builder

Yesterday, I took Alec to the Children's Museum in Pittsburgh to see the Bob the Builder temporary exhibit. Darrell had taken off work to take the two older kids on a field trip, so it was just Alec and I. We both thoroughly enjoyed our day together.....Alec got to do everything he wanted to do when he wanted to do it....who doesn't love that! Plus, Bob and friends just make you smile. Observe the huge smile on my little guy's face.....great day!

PACyber field trips

One of the reasons that we chose to bring our kids home for school this year is the opportunity for field trips. We have had two opportunities in the past week that were very interesting and educational for the kids. On Friday night, Darrell took Evan to the Alleghany Observatory. He was able to see and learn about the telescopes and how scientists now see into space. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy night, so they were unable to see much themselves. Darrell gave Evan the here is are the pictures through Evan's eyes.

Yesterday the kids went on a field trip to Jennings Environmental Education Center....forgot the camera, but the kids did a lot of hands on activities that they really enjoyed!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I was looking down at my hands the other day, observing the aging process that has happened to them. I was immediately reminded of how much they look like my mother's hands. I remembered how I use to trace the veins on her hands, much like Ann-Marie traces the veins in mine. Whenever I am missing my mom, God gives me words - sometimes in the form of a poem, sometimes a story. Darrell laughs at me because I have to grab whatever piece of scratch paper is nearby and put the words onto paper before I lose them. Following is the poem that I wrote after observing my hands:

I look down at my hands
and what do I see?
Hands that look similar
to the ones that once held me.

The veins and the lines
crisscrossing once smooth skin,
I would not change this aging process
erasing the memories within.

I watch as the smooth skin
of my daughter's hand reaches for mine,
what will she remember
about our together time?

Closing my eyes
feeling smooth against rough
memories flood in,
new memories made by a single touch.

This is a picture I took of Ann-Marie after I took the picture of our hands together. I am so thankful for each of our children, each one unique in their own way. I am also thankful that I have a girl, because often she somehow links me with memories of my own mom. As always, by being open and honest, I hope that this blog entry helps someone else dealing with a loss.....along with the fact that when I am transparent with my own feelings, I continue to heal in a new and fresh way.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kalahari Fun

We decided that a family fun weekend was in order. Darrell found a great package deal at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio....only 2 1/2 hours from home. So off we went on an adventure to a new place.....above, the kids excited to get into the waterpark.
After playing in the water park for over three hours, food was a necessity!
The next morning....a highlight....eating breakfast in the hotel room watching TV.
Not many water pictures as we were all too busy having fun! We were a little scattered as each child could ride different rides so they all had to be patient as Darrell and I took each and everyone got to ride what they could. The lazy river, above and below, was for everyone and we did it several times as all enjoyed it!

After two days of spending our time at the water park, we decided to have a picnic close to Lake Erie, as the kids had never seen Lake Erie. So we ended our trip on the shores of Lake Erie.
We had an excellent time....if you love water rides and look for an all-inclusive mini-vacation, we recommend this one!