Sunday, May 11, 2014

End of school year stuff 2014

 Last Monday, we had our last day of Homeschool Coop classes for the school year.  It is always bitter-sweet, as we are ready for the work and busyness of Mondays to be done for the summer, but we will miss seeing some of our closest friends on a regular basis.  Our last meeting consisted of the younger kids sharing the song they had been memorizing all year - the States song.
 The older kids (3rd grade - High School) all presented a science presentation.  Third grade to Middle School students studied Anatomy and Physiology, while High School studied General Science.  Above, Ann-Marie presented her information on the Immune System.
 Evan and his best friend, Silas, did a presentation on dental health.
 Then, on Friday evening, our Coop presented a play at the Rochester borough building, which has a wonderful little theater inside.  The younger kids (preschool - 4th grade) presented "In God's backyard".  Alec had some speaking lines and they all had to memorize and sing some songs.
 The older students presented a play called Story Stew.
 This play was a wonderful mishmash of fairy-tales.  Ann-Marie played Little Miss Muffet and Evan played Jack from Jack in the Beanstalk.  All of the kids did a wonderful job - they had us enthralled and laughing until the end.  

What a wonderful way to end the school year.  The Jerome Academy has two more weeks left and then we are out for summer.  We can't wait!

Spring sports 2014

Spring sports season has been busy.  Evan and Ann-Marie participated in a track program - videos above.  Evan did discus, shot put, turbo javelin, and 4x100 and 4x400 relays.  Ann-Marie did long jump and 4x100 relay.  They both enjoyed participating in the track meets and did well.

Alec is on a soccer team this Spring.  The link below should be a picture of him playing soccer.  He is improving his skills and really enjoying his team.  It doesn't hurt that one of his best friends is on his team this year.

Finally, Ann-Marie competed at the States gymnastics meet.  All seven of our Level 4 gymnasts qualified for States and competed well.  We were very proud of Ann-Marie and all of her teammates.

Easter 2014

 Family pictures

 And yes, a special friend stayed overnight due to Ann-Marie's birthday party the night before...she took most of our family pictures so she got to be part of our family Easter morning.
 Easter baskets.....
 I remember always getting a book in my Easter basket, so the tradition lives on....each child received a book.
We were able to enjoy a blessed Easter, worshiping with fellow believers at church, going out to a buffet lunch with close friends, and having a quiet afternoon at home enjoying the Easter baskets.  

Ann-Marie's 11th Birthday

 Due to Easter and the busyness of April, Ann-Marie had her birthday party one week before her birthday.  She chose to invite her closest friends to hang out in her favorite place - Arcadia gym.

 Her actual birthday was on a Sunday, so our non-morning girl had to get up and going.  Her choice for breakfast - gf cinnamon rolls.

 She had also asked that we go to the zoo, which we hadn't been to in almost 3 years.  We invited one of her friends to come along with us after church.

 I love that 11 year old girls still love doing crafts....her favorite gift was a face painting kit from her Aunt Sheila.  She has used it multiple times already!
 Ann-Marie's dinner of choice was gf spaghetti with shrimp (Pap's special sauce).  

 Her birthday gift from us is still in the making....she is getting a room make-over.  She already received her comforter and as soon as the details come together, we will reveal her room.  My guess is it won't be finished until the summer though.

Happy 11th birthday, to our blue-eyed, thoughtful young lady!