Sunday, May 11, 2014

End of school year stuff 2014

 Last Monday, we had our last day of Homeschool Coop classes for the school year.  It is always bitter-sweet, as we are ready for the work and busyness of Mondays to be done for the summer, but we will miss seeing some of our closest friends on a regular basis.  Our last meeting consisted of the younger kids sharing the song they had been memorizing all year - the States song.
 The older kids (3rd grade - High School) all presented a science presentation.  Third grade to Middle School students studied Anatomy and Physiology, while High School studied General Science.  Above, Ann-Marie presented her information on the Immune System.
 Evan and his best friend, Silas, did a presentation on dental health.
 Then, on Friday evening, our Coop presented a play at the Rochester borough building, which has a wonderful little theater inside.  The younger kids (preschool - 4th grade) presented "In God's backyard".  Alec had some speaking lines and they all had to memorize and sing some songs.
 The older students presented a play called Story Stew.
 This play was a wonderful mishmash of fairy-tales.  Ann-Marie played Little Miss Muffet and Evan played Jack from Jack in the Beanstalk.  All of the kids did a wonderful job - they had us enthralled and laughing until the end.  

What a wonderful way to end the school year.  The Jerome Academy has two more weeks left and then we are out for summer.  We can't wait!

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