Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ann-Marie's Birthday party

Our family has a tradition of having a big birthday party when a child turns five. So this was the big one for Ann-Marie. We had her birthday party on Saturday at the gymnastic club she goes to and we invited her preschool class, our special family friends from Maryland, and our family friends from Ellwood City, PA. Sixteen children showed up and as you can tell from the pictures, they had a blast. After the party, we had family and friends over to our house.
Ann-Marie showing off her moves.
Alec enjoying the foam pit. No fear there!
The "spanking tunnel"
The carousel cake...thanks Angelique for the idea!
Ann-Marie and best friend, Rebekah, opening presents.
Ann-Marie getting wrapped up like a cupcake!

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Helena said...

Missing you guys so I stopped by to check on you guys!! I was reflecting on Hannah being almost 3(in just 2 months). She is looking so old to me some days and really becoming a little girl. And to see Ann-Marie, who was just a little peanut when we first met you guys. Not to mention your big boys!!! Great to see everyone doing well.

Love you guys and miss you guys a bunch too. Wish you were still here to share your wisdom for these early years!