Friday, June 26, 2009

View from the farm

I walked around my dad's farm one day and just took some pictures, capturing the rural feel of the area I grew up. The farm my dad and my step-mom live on is not the one I grew up on, but it is not far away. Above is a picture of what I call my dad's "infirmary"....he fixes up antique tractors (only the red ones, please!) and I think these are for parts.
Dad and Mary's house.....
and some views from all sides......just lots of corn fields....

As we were driving around one night, Ann-Marie made the comment that there were moving lights in all the little forests. I didn't understand at first what she meant, but then it occurred to me that all the little forests she saw were farms...they were so spread out and had trees all around for wind protection that she thought we were passing little forests.....ahhh, the perspective of a town girl!

I think what I appreciate now (that I didn't growing up) is the vastness of the sky - you can see storms rolling in from any direction; the freshness of the air (yes, with a twinge or more of the manure smell); and the beauty of the crops growing at this time of year. Visiting Iowa slows me down and makes me appreciate the simple things of life.

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