Thursday, July 23, 2009

The emergency room King

Here is how the day was supposed to go: Bible study at park, Evan to First Tee and Ann-Marie to gymnastics, lunch, then swimming with friends. The best laid plans......

We woke up to rain....which tapered off in time to go to the park for a 9 a.m. Bible Study. The kids normally love this but when we showed up, no one else had brought their children, so mine were the only ones. We had brought towels to dry up the slides so the kids did that and I told them we would be there only an hour before their activities. It wasn't 15 minutes later that Evan came running to me and said Alec was hurt. When I reached Alec, it wasn't the usually screaming, crying, then get on with life hurt........Alec wasn't making much noise at all because he was struggling to take a deep breath. I could see in his eyes he was hurt and scared, so I picked him up and help him close....I waited 5 minutes to make sure that he didn't just knock the wind out of himself.....but he didn't recover the way I expected so I took him straight to the ER. (Thank you to Ann, who rode with me, and Dana, who stayed with my older children until Darrell could get there).

When we got to the ER we were seen right away because Alec was grunting with every shallow breath he could take. X-rays and C-T scan were taken and eventually all came back clear. After a couple hours, Alec could breath normally, but still complained that his stomach hurt. Since everything checked out clear, the Dr. sent us home, but with strict orders to keep a close eye on him for the rest of the day and to have a follow-up appointment tomorrow. So we've been relaxing on this dreary day and thanking God that Alec is o.k. after a nasty fall.

For the record, this is Alec's fourth trip to the E.R. so he is officially our "E.R. king."

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Flores Hayes said...

Happy birthday!

my panda fanatic roommate got a cute Morn Creations bag as birthday gift!
she is just THRILLED with it.