Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Musings

It is a rare Monday morning that I have a couple minutes to organize my thoughts....this is one of those Mondays. So what has been on my mind, you may ask......."Unprayered answers."

Now I know, that's not a's not even spelled correctly as my spell check has pointed out. But that word has been rattling around my brain for the past week, just eager to get out. Here's my question to myself....."How would my perspective change if I focused on 'Unprayered answers' instead of 'unanswered prayers?'" This is a challenge for me, especially in the midst of winter, which is not my favorite season. The long, dreary days tend to drag me down instead of recharge my battery. My focus tends to be towards the negative, the things that are not going right with my life. So I challenged myself to look back on my week and see what it looked like through the lens of "unprayered answers"....all the little things I didn't ask for yet God so graciously gave me:

  • an encouraging word from a friend
  • the dinners I didn't have to make because that is what my loving, serving husband does
  • a compliment about my ability as a fitness instructor from one of the attendees
  • snuggle time on the couch with my 9 year old during quiet reading time
  • another family coming over to have pizza with us on Friday night as a last minute decision and the much needed conversation that happened
  • a night out with several other couples at our mentor's house that refreshed and renewed me
  • a productive weekend
  • every time the sun peeked out, even for a minute, giving me hope that Spring will eventually come
Wow, that changed my perspective for the upcoming week already! So I challenge you today, as you start a new week, to look back and discover all the "unprayered answers" that you received last week that you may have missed........and look forward through a new lens with me.


Nancherrow said...

Unprayered answers...what a great phrase! And it's making me think about my own unasked for blessings today. Thanks for the fresh perspective.


Linda said...

Very nice Paula!!!