Sunday, April 11, 2010

Maple Syrup Festival Time!

Perfect weather for the Maple Syrup Festival this year! We stood in line for about an hour to get our hands on the Buttermilk pancakes, Buckwheat pancakes, sausages, and Pennsylvania Maple Syrup....most of which was tapped and made right here in (almost) our backyard.

The kids favored the buttermilk pancakes, while the adults went for more buckwheat. Final count, an average of 5 pancakes per Jerome family member over the age of 8; and an average of 3 pancakes for the smallest two Jeromes (and the pancakes were not small - more like plate-sized).
Festivals always bring an interesting mix of people, sights, sounds, smells.....a delight for all senses. I was impressed that the children were fascinated by the man making bobbins and the women making lace. The above wonderful man also let Alec shuffle through his assortment of handmade bobbins....Alec was trying to find two that matched, but was unable to. We had a wonderful Sunday afternoon!


Anonymous said...

I remember when the Jones' use to tap maple trees and make syrup. I was there a couple of times during that time of year when Sherry and I were friends. It's an intriguing process. Paula, do you remember anyone telling you about that?

Alison said...

Sounds like you had a great afternoon! Last year we took a field trip to the park to tour the maple syrup process.

Where's the rest of the story of your afternoon?....;)


ANITA said...

This is probably my the most favorite Beaver County thing to do :) I never thought about it being in your backyard! How cool!