Thursday, November 25, 2010

Alec is 5!

Alec had a wonderful birthday and it is hard for Darrell and I to grasp that our baby is 5! Birthday tradition at our house is that you get to choose all the meals on your birthday, so here was Alec's menu:
  • Breakfast - Bagels with Nutella
  • Lunch - Macaroni and cheese
  • Dinner - Chicken nuggets and french fries.
Dessert was rootbeer floats with chocolate ice cream! Since Alec's birthday is so close to Thanksgiving this year, his birthday party (and birthday cake) will be December 4th.
Alec was excited to open presents from family....thank you to Aunt Carla for some new legos....
and to Aunt Sheila for a new DVD.

Alec continues to bring so much joy to our lives and we are thankful for our Thanksgiving baby! Happy Birthday, little guy!

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