Sunday, December 5, 2010

Alec's 5th birthday party

In our family, the 5th birthday is a BIG one where we invite lots of friends and go do something special we wouldn't normally do. This was our last 5th birthday celebration and Alec chose Fun Fore All in Cranberry. His theme - Green Lantern (a good guy superhero....the cake is in the shape of his symbol.)
Alec invited friends from his homeschool coop preschool, Sunday school, and our Maryland friends came also!
Blowing out candles,
spinning the birthday wheel,
and a group picture (I think we were missing Gabby!)
Our wonderful friends from Maryland!
And one of the guests hit the jackpot....1,000 tickets! She was able to do some Christmas shopping in the prize store!
Alec and his best buddy from Pennsylvania....
and his best buddy from Maryland! Everyone had a great time.

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