Monday, January 10, 2011

Jerome Family Girls' Day Out 2010

It took us three years, but the Jerome side of the family finally organized another Girls' Day Out in Pittsburgh. We began our day at Lidia's restaurant and enjoyed a wonderful brunch together. You will notice one male in our crowd....Pap came as our honorary "Grandma"....we really enjoyed having him there. Darrell's side of the family is a little short on females....only four granddaughters out of 13 they stick together.
I ordered a grilled octopus plate, and Ann-Marie was brave enough to try it...see below! She liked it so much that she kept picking pieces of octopus off of my plate!

Ann-Marie took control of the camera and took a picture of the enormous glass chandelier in the restaurant.....
Next stop was Phipp's conservatory, where we enjoyed the last day of the winter show. Needless to say, we had one last shot of Christmas, as there were many poinsettas, Christmas trees and Christmas music playing.

Ann-Marie has a special gardening relationship with her Aunt Toni, so she spent most of her time talking to Aunt Toni about what flowers and plants she was seeing and enjoying.
We made the four girl cousins endure many photo sessions along the way.....above is my personal favorite. We treasure the times we can get them all together as the oldest, Natalie, is in college and is heading off at the end of the month to study in France for four months.
The last time we all visited the Phipps was when they had the Chihuly glass exhibit and we were pleasantly surprised to see how much glass sculptures they had kept.

Can you spot the snowman and snowwoman in the above picture?
Here's what we would like to say to winter......but I hear we have more of the white stuff coming so I'll just enjoy this picture until Spring.

What a memorable day! Time spent with family is precious!

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Alison said...

Looks like a fun day!