Monday, February 14, 2011

This is how we roll......

Here is a recap of our very busy weekend....may we not forget how hectic this season of life is sometimes so we can be empathetic to other harried parents even after we become empty nesters!

Saturday morning: Up and out of the house - aim for 7 a.m. but leave closer to 7:30 a.m. - packed in the faithful minivan are three kids, one dog, and all necessary supplies for 24+ hours away from to Evan's last basketball game (one hour drive, we will barely make it in time for the game to start.)

Sit through two back-to-back basketball games, while often going out to the van to check on the dog. Now here comes the unexpected - Ann-Marie hits her head on the bleachers hard enough to draw a LOT OF BLOOD. Enter the athletic trainer, many other caring parents, and our dear friend from home who is a doctor and who just happens to have a son playing in the next game. No stitches required, but a very bloody young lady with a growing goose egg on her head. Since no medical attention was required, onward we went - good parents that we are, we cover Ann-Marie's head with her winter hat and eat lunch at Eat N' Park before heading to our next stop.

Next stop - dropping the kids and dog off at Darrell's sister's house in North Huntington and heading onto Blairsville for New York Life's annual awards dinner. Deep breath - check into the hotel, relax in the hot tub and nap was required after the day we had. Now for fun....we get to get dressed up like "real" adults and head to the dinner.
Here's where I get to talk a little about Darrell - I am so proud of him! This journey in the financial world has not been an easy one for us, but every year he does better. He is persistent, thoughtful, caring and balances providing for us, being a great father, and a wonderful husband. Every year, the awards banquet helps me refocus on what Darrell does and how hard he works. Thank you, honey, I'm proud of you!
Sunday: Sleep in! A luxury for us who are normally up really, really early. On the way back to pick up the kids, we get to sneak in an early Valentine's lunch at a fabulous Indian restaurant in Monroeville, called Udipe Cafe- we love this little place for authentic Indian food! What a treat.

A huge thank you to Toni, Tim, and Mike for watching our kids this weekend. Another big thank you to all who were at Hillcrest Academy and helped with Ann-Marie's head injury. We have wonderful friends and family. And Happy Valentine's day!

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Stephanie said...

It sounds like a typical day the adventures of parenthood!!!

I am so glad you guys had a good time!!!!

Great recap!!!!