Friday, March 18, 2011

My Grandpa....

My Grandpa Conklin will turn 90 while we are traveling. So this little post is a tribute to him:

My Grandpa has helped shape the woman I am today. I grew up doing chores with him, playing baseball in his yard, eating dinner at his table, and generally, being around Grandma and him most of my growing up years. When I was younger, I remember Grandpa as being quiet, but you never wondered where you stood with him. He was a steady and strong influence in my life. Now that I am grown, I enjoy going back to Iowa to visit Grandma and him. I appreciate his love for me, his sense of humor, and his dedication to those he loves, especially Grandma. Most of all, I love how he loves the Lord. His prayers are powerful and I love to be near him when he is praying. Thank you, Grandpa, for loving me. Thank you for praying for me. And have a most wonderful birthday!

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rockyfink said...

This is an awesome blog. :) and I love the newsboys!