Friday, April 29, 2011

Ann-Marie is 8!

Ann-Marie's birthday was on Wednesday, April 27th. We had a playdate on Monday at a park for her friends.....the sun even came out for us, which was a treat! Pap stopped by earlier in the day to wish her a happy birthday.

She wanted her cake to be a Build-A-Bear cake so we compromised on trying to replicate her Build-A-Bear. She was happy with it.

The morning of her birthday, she chose chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. Lunch was hotdogs and corn. She opened presents throughout the day....highlights were Calico Critters and Littlest Pet Shop. She is my little collector.Dinner was spaghetti with shrimp and green beans. We all went out for ice cream after.

And even Lily received a birthday present....purple glasses like Ann-Marie!

Happy Birthday to my daughter....I am so thankful to have a joyful eight year old. She is a blessing to our family every day.

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rockyfink said...

Happy Birthday Darling! The cake true culinary mastery. :)