Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Fun 2011

Fall festival at our church....Alec was Batman, Ann-Marie was Pippi Longstocking, and Evan declared himself too old to dress up, so he volunteered to be in the dunk tank to raise money for missions.

Do you notice who is first in line to dunk Evan? (above)
Of course, the pumpkin carving was a hit....
our guest, Glori, enjoyed herself also, and hammed it up for the picture.
We love going to the zoo in the Fall, and we have had an unusually nice stretch of weather......we actually haven't been to the Pittsburgh zoo for over a year. We were pleasantly surprised by several changes made to the zoo.
The rays are always a hit, as well as the meerkats....
and below is what Ann-Marie is looking at face-to-face.
We hope you and your family are also enjoying the beautiful Fall days!

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