Friday, April 5, 2013

Sports update

One sports season is over and we are quickly into another one.  Evan really enjoys playing sports, but his favorite to play currently is basketball.  He was able to play on two basketball teams - the 4th-6th grade team and the 6th-8th grade team - both a homeschool league that travels to play local private Christian schools.  It was fun seeing him be a leader in the younger team and play his heart out in the older (and much taller) team.  The above pictures are compliments of Alison Agnew - thank you so much for taking such wonderful pictures!

And Ann-Marie had a wonderful gymnastics competition season, continually improving her skills and scores with each meet.  She is now training hard on new skills for next season!

Alec did not participate in any sports over the winter and is looking forward to soccer starting this week.  Evan is participating in track in the month of April, with two track meets this month.  

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