Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ann-Marie's gymnastics season update

Today Ann-Marie had a meet in Greensburg, PA called March Madness.  She has one more meet in Sandusky, Ohio, and then this year's season will be over.  It has been a growing season - a big jump in skills for Ann-Marie.  She has had some moments to celebrate, but more moments to show her character and her attitude.....and in that aspect, she has been shining!  She has shown that she is not afraid to fall, get back up, and continue.  She is not afraid of facing a lower score or standing, and get back into the gym and work.  She continues to try to improve her skills, while keeping one eye into the future, thinking about the next skill she would like to work on.  Darrell and I are very, very proud of her, even though she has not been the gymnast bringing home the top medals.  So, today, even though she did not reach the desired score to get her to states once again, she absolutely showed spunk on the floor, achieving a 2nd place medal!  And she brought her vault score up significantly.

We couldn't be prouder!  Shine for the Lord, our strong Ann-Marie!


Alison Agnew said...

Way to go Anne Marie! So fun to watch the floor routine!


food_dude said...

So glad I was able to join Paula and Ann Marie today!

P.S. Uncle Tim watched this video and all he could say was WHOA!!!