Sunday, January 4, 2015

Alec's 9th Birthday party

 Last child in the single year will be the BIG 10!  On his actual birthday, he enjoyed cinnamon rolls for breakfast, rotisserie chicken for lunch (from Costco - his favorite!), and pizza for dinner.  And his gifts were all about Legos!

 We held his birthday party the Saturday after was a Batman-themed party with eight 7-10 year old boys.....lots of action!

 We opened up our double garage for the activities.....unfreeze Batman with squirt guns - we used hot water as it was COLD in the garage!

 Four square is a huge hit with this age group!!!!

 Pin the Batarang on Joker....thank you again to Jessica for the wonderful drawing!!! 

Great party, wonderful friends, activities to keep the boys busy, and plentiful food!!!!

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