Wednesday, May 14, 2008

fun stuff

Thank you to all who gave Ann-Marie birthday money....she purchased an easel and paints and she's been painting every day! And below is my little performer singing at the MOPS today. Sorry, the camera has not been cooperating so the photo is not very good.
And finally, what happens when you leave an older toddler and a pack and play together alone? Well, of course he finds every pillow in the room, piles them in, and jumps right in. The pack and play was set up for the baby that I watch, and I had forgotten to take it down after he left. Alec has way too much fun when he's unattended!

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Soppe's said...

I know I responded to this already...I must have not entered it correctly:) Anyway- it looks like everyone is doing great and we look forward to getting to see everyone in a few more weeks here in Iowa!
Janelle, Trav, and Brock