Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

This year, Evan and Ann-Marie got really excited about Mother's Day and were up before 6 a.m. Evan couldn't wait to give me his present he's been working on at school. I think you'll understand why once you read it:

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Mom (by Evan Jerome)
10. I love my Mom because she reads me.....Dinosaurs book.
9. I love my Mom because she helps homework.
8. I love my Mom when she makes me laugh by....doing the boddy dance. (explanation by Paula - booty dance is a dance that involves shaking the butt to music for the express purpose of getting someone out of a bad mood.)
7. I love my Mom because she taught me how to....steel the ball. ( I think this means in soccer!)
6. I love to hear my Mom sing....because she makes me laugh.
5. I love my Mom because she finds time checkers.
4. I know my Mom cares because she...cooks my eggs and she cudles (cuddles) with me when I am sick.
3. I know my Mom is smart because she....knows what medasin (medicine) I need.
2. I love my Mom because she works so hard at...taking care of Jameson. (The infant we watch three times a week.)
1. I love my Mom because she's the BEST MOM EVER!

Out of the mouth of a seven year old boy!

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to you! Treasure these times and the children God has entrusted to you!


Denise said...

Precious!!! That's the best Mother's Day gift you could ever hope for!!! I loved your pictures...we did the same thing this morning...nice pose...goofy pose! How fun! Happy Mother's Day!

Helena said...

You look so beautiful!! Oh, I do miss you guys!! Thanks for the e-mail last week. That poem is so great. Tell Evan way to go!! You have such great kids bcs you are such a great MOM!!!

Lo ya Girlfriend!!