Saturday, July 19, 2008

Idlewild park 2008

Friday was the Jerome extended family annual trip to Idlewild park. Idlewild park is a smaller amusement park, with rides for adults and kids, and a water park. My sister-in-law, Karen, told me that next year will mark the 20th anniversary of this tradition. Idlewild day ranks up there with Thanksgiving for our family with firm traditions such as having fried chicken for lunch, snacks and dinner; riding the scrambler first; staying overnight at sister-in-law, Toni's house; and the famous eating homemade pizza at 10 o'clock at night after everyone has made it back to Toni's after a full day of Idlewild. Darrell and I agreed that this year was our favorite because normally I have been either pregnant, it has rained, or we have had a newborn to worry about keeping cool in the shade. I took lots of pictures of Alec because he had so much fun discovering that he could ride rides like the big kids! Above is a three generation picture of Pap, Darrell, and Ann-Marie. We are so blessed to be part of a large family who love each other and can all still enjoy these traditions together.
Alec on his first ride without Mommy!
The boys....
And the day is loaded with junk food.....Alec ate his weight in Cheese Puffs!!!!
A couple of other updates: Evan had his allergy testing done on Thursday and he is allergic to too many things to's a the short list; three types of trees, grass, mold, mites, and cats. So now we know.....and we're thankful that they are all managed with medication and we can keep him comfortable. Lastly, I was taped teaching a body pump class this morning for the final step of my certification. Thank you to all my wonderful relatives that filled the quota for my class. It went well and I will let you know the results when I get them.


Helena said...

Wow, that sounds great!! And body pump teaching, even more WOW!! YOU GO mommy of THREE!! Maybe you can keep Sammy in your prayers as we go back for more allergy testing in a couple of months. He freaked us out when he found some bread on the floor this afternoon and already had it in his mouth. No reaction that we could tell!! Thanks for sharing all your summer adventures!!

Anita said...

When I was pregnant with Gina, my first, my mother-in-law handed me a FOLDER of information on my husband Randy's allergies as a child. It was bursting with test results and what to do's. He was allergic to everything from chicken and dairy to cats and trees. I tell you this because there is hope: he outgrew all of them by his teens and we even now have a cat.