Sunday, September 7, 2008


Soccer season has started once again. Evan participated in his first soccer season this past Spring. Needless to say, it was parental sacrifice to watch. Not that we don't enjoy watching our children playing sports, but Evan did not start soccer out on the right, ummmm, foot! He spent the season totaling scores in his head (they do not keep an official score at this age), dodging the ball, and spending his time at the edge of the field (even when he was a part of the action). At the end of last season, however, I was finding the glimpses of what was really going on. Evan is very analytical (I don't know WHO he gets that from) so for him to learn the game, he needed to sit back and watch the action. I learned that was exactly what he was doing. After soccer season this summer, he found every opportunity to play pick-up soccer games (often with boys older than himself). We started getting comments from some of the boys that Evan was really good. I thought, "Awwww, they're being really nice, because they can't be talking about OUR Evan." Fast forward to Saturday, Evan's first soccer game of the Fall season. I secured my parent spot on the side of the soccer field and began dividing my attention between talking to Darrell, trying to keep Alec off of the field, and half-heartedly watching the game; when all of a sudden I see Evan's smiling face and other parents applauding HIM! He made his first goal, EVER (and I didn't see it!) I started really watching him and he was a completely different kid on the soccer field - he made three goals (actually one of the goals Darrell penned "the immaculate reception of U8 soccer" - another player kicked the ball REALLY HARD at Evan's lower body, to which Evan pulled a knee up in self-defense, ball connected with knee, ball went directly into the goal, SCORE!, and Evan could not stop laughing!) What a neat turn around for a parent to see!

Ann-Marie decided for the time being that soccer is not for her, so back to gymnastics we go. She really does love gymnastics and it's a lot of fun watching her try to do all the different moves and be on the beam and bars. She puts a blanket down on our floor at home ( we do have carpet but she feels better with the blanket) and puts on gymnastics shows for Alec and Jameson (the baby we watch during the week).

And finally, an update on myself. I passed my video assessment so I am now an officially certified Les Mills Body Pump Instructor. The gym I am supposed to teach at is still being renovated and is taking much longer than anticipated. So I'm not teaching yet, but will be once the gym in Chippewa is opened.

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Denise said...

Wow! That is so impressive! At first I thought you were going to say he was picking flowers or something as Jordan used to do at baseball...but no...he's a whiz! Great job Evan! Maybe someday we can get Ann-Marie and Brianna together to do gymnastics together..she just restarted also. Congrats Oh Body Pump Instructor! I'm so proud of you! I've gone to the local gym's body pump class a few times in the last few weeks and love it! (Am very sore 2 days later...but no pain, no gain!) I can't imagine how toned you are now...Hot MAMA!!! :)