Saturday, September 27, 2008

New nephew!

I am happy to announce that my youngest sister, Sheila, has delivered her second baby, a boy named Nathanael Kinnick Aichele early this morning. It's really neat to see, how my Dad raised three girls and now has seven boys, and only two girls, as grandchildren! Another touching fact is Nathanael is born on my cousin, John's, birthday. John Hampton is the youngest son of my Aunt Sue and Uncle Lyle and he passed away in a car accident in the year 2000. I love how God gives us these joyful events on dates of sadness. Our Ann-Marie also was born on a date God knew we needed happiness.....she was born on the birthday of Darrell's brother, Bruce, who was also killed in a car accident just a couple weeks before John's accident and death.

Congratulations to Kurt and Sheila! I only wish I could climb on the next plane to Colorado to meet our newest nephew! We love you!

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