Monday, February 9, 2009

And the Steeler craze goes on....

Silly me. I thought that by now, the Steeler craze would be dying down. I underestimated my son's interest (as well as the loyalty of this area toward their team.....EVERYONE seems to be sporting Steeler super bowl wear). Here are some clues that we will be living with this phenomena a bit longer:

- I took Evan to the public library last week and he checked out THREE books on the Steelers.
- Breakfast conversations revolve around Steeler football facts.
- Evan HAD to wear a gold dress shirt (yes, he has one) and black pants to church yesterday.

So, we will continue to support Evan's interest (fanaticism?) with the Steelers and listen with interest to everything he is learning about the team. If any of our family or friends that enjoy talking football want to borrow Evan for a couple hours, our ears could take a break!

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