Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Fun

We stayed in on Valentine's day this year, as Evan was still sick and Ann-Marie and Alec were battling colds. That didn't keep us from having our traditional Valentine's fun! This is the third annual Valentine's treasure hunt for the Jerome kids. Above, the kids holding their first clue.
The clue that the kids enjoyed the most was the one for the toilet:

"Everyone poops,
Everyone pees,
Go to the place
Where you do these."

O.k. not in very good taste, but the kids got a kick out of it!
The treasures were found in the washing machine. Each child received a small toy....Ann-Marie is displaying her newest littlest pet shop animals below.
For dinner, pizza was a winner. Homemade, of course, compliments of Mommy's dough skills and Daddy's creative toppings. Ann-Marie handled dessert by baking sugar cookies in her Easy Bake Oven!
At dinner we also went around the table and told each person what we loved about them. The kids really got into it. I really enjoyed what Evan told Darrell, "If you weren't my Daddy and someone else was my Daddy, I wouldn't love him as much as I do you!"


Linda said...

You are such a great mom!!!

Helena said...

You have a great playlist! At Hannah's circle the other day, Wendy's pastor's wife came to speak for the mother's breakfast and talked about scavenger hunts as a way to build family traditions. So I was telling Kalonji about it and came to your blog to show him your hunt. Then I clicked through to a few other blogs and did some homeschool planning (did I tell you we decided to do this for the time being since we were utterly unimpressed by the schools in this area). I was enjoying the music so much, I realized. I wasn't sure which open blog it was coming from, but it was yours. I may start turning it on now when I do other stuff. Have a great day!!