Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Festival and Soccer

Another soccer season is over for us....and I finally got around to taking a couple of pictures. Evan moved up to the big field and had to get used to a lot more running. He also played, for the first time, on a mixed gender league. Ann-Marie decided to try soccer again after taking a year break and found that she really enjoyed playing goalie. It ended up being a wet and cold season, with lots of cancelled practices, but both children enjoyed playing.

Now onto Fall Festival....our dear friends, the Shullenbarger family from Maryland, joined us once again for this event (even though Jessica is 37 weeks pregnant and the baby is ready to come!) The kids enjoyed dressing up and participating in all the games at our church. The event went very well this year and we enjoyed having our friends stay for a short, but sweet, weekend.
Above, the whole crew dressed up....and below, my three (Evan is Annikan, Ann-Marie is a fairy, and Alec is Spiderman).

One of the favorite activities of the evening was milking the cow......Grandpa Shippy in Iowa will be pleased to see these pictures!

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