Friday, October 9, 2009

Dinner and the zoo

After several attempts, I have successfully finished this blog! Gotta love old, slow computers....say it with me - "I am THANKFUL for this computer."

Last weekend, Darrell and I were able to go out to dinner in Pittsburgh with Darrell's side of the family. We went to the restaurant "Ciopinno's." All of Darrell's siblings and spouses were there as well as Darrell's dad....this doesn't happen very often so it was a huge blessing! We spent four hours at the restaurant enjoying great food, conversation (still laughing about the tuna casserole - and no, that was not served at this restaurant!), and fun. Darrell had control of the camera, so we have a picture of his meal (halibut) and of his sister, Karen, enjoying her meal.
While we were at the restaurant, my two 14 year old nieces, Analisa and Meghan babysat our kids. What a switch! When I met Darrell, these two little girls used to sit on my they are babysitting our kids! They left us this message I discovered the next day......I think they are trying to secure future babysitting jobs.

Next, to the zoo....we have a membership so it was time to go. We headed to the Pittsburgh zoo Tuesday afternoon and enjoyed some new areas we haven't discovered. Notice that Alec is in some "different" clothes...yes, they are pajamas. He fell asleep in the van on the way to the zoo and had a HUGE accident. I am out of the diaper bag carrying stage and didn't think to bring an extra outfit. So Alec was treated to the zoo pajamas they sell at the gift store....we thank God for reasonable prices and the membership discount!
Our favorite new (to us) areas at the zoo are the deer and the sharks. We think the zoo in the Fall is the BEST time to go!

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The Shullenbargers said...

will we get to go on the 24th? sharks have been there yes?