Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ravioli Day 2009

Jerome family come together a few weeks before Christmas to prepare the Christmas day meal. Everyone tries to make it, although now we're running into having older cousins away at college and they are very much missed. This year went very smoothly. Above, Meghan rolling the dough for the ravioli.
Analise hamming it up while Karen tries to check the thinness of the dough.
The rolling of the meatballs.
Ann-Marie sealing the ravioli.....and really getting into her work!
I love seeing this side of the family, young and old, come together and enjoy a day preparing this meal.

Above, the girls in their aprons....we were missing one girl cousin, Natalie, who was at college. We missed you, Nat!

Now we are counting the days to eat what we have prepared.......

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Stephanie said...

I remember this post from last year and I have thought about it a few times and think this is the coolest thing!!!

Thanks for posting it again.