Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend fun

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Darrell's side of the family! We always stay over at his sister's house, with the morning after bringing a trip to the gym and then more pie for breakfast! (It's all about balance, right?) We travel through Pittsburgh to get home, so we try to do something fun with the kids. This year we made a stop at the Carnegie Science museum. We tried to see the train display but the line was too long, so we played mostly at the top floor with activities for all ages. Evan, Ann-Marie and I took in one show about the states of can see Ann-Marie (above) participating in eating a marshmallow dipped in liquid nitrogen.....brrrr!

Hot bubble baths sometimes bring on GREAT IDEAS and that is how we found ourselves at Oglebay in West Virginia on Saturday afternoon. Friday night, I needed some reading material for my bath time, so I grabbed a book that I had given Darrell - "1,000 places to visit before you die" (the United States version) - and read up on local places of interest. Since we're so close to West Virginia, the chapter on Oglebay was interesting. We decided to take a visit and we were so glad that we did! They had a small zoo (as you can see from the pictures), an outdoor light display, an indoor Christmas laser show, and a six-mile drive-through light display. We were really glad to have gone early because once we were done with the drive-through, we saw that cars were lined up to get in for over two miles! It was well worth the trip for us, though.

Next sister and her family will be flying in this afternoon for six days! We are very, very excited for this opportunity to spend time with them.

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