Sunday, February 14, 2010

Evan's birthday celebration

We celebrated Evan's 9th birthday on Friday with a trip to the new SportsWorks in Pittsburgh and a sleepover with his friend, Silas. Everyone had a really good time...we highly recommend visiting SportsWorks! Favorite activities were the "You-yo", comparing your sprint time to an Olympic athlete's time, pitching a ball the length of a Major League baseball player, rock-climbing (Ann-Marie only...she made it to the top again!), and Body Cam. Darrell and Evan went on the virtual Phantom Menace ride, which was very intense.

Evening activities included pizza, cake (I made the Steeler's football cake), ice cream, and Wii games. Evan's actual birthday is on Friday, February 19th.


ANITA said...

Great job on the cake! Happy birthday Evan :)

Nancherrow said...

Great pics! Love the cake and all the shots of the kiddos. Look and Anne-Marie on that wall....tell her I'm impressed!