Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow pictures

I told my dad in Iowa (who is laughing at us today!) that I would post these here you go Dad. Yes, we got hit with the STORM! Most of the time, when it is an east coast storm, the Pittsburgh area isn't included....we are too far west (dare I say we are "almost" midwesterners?) This time, we got in on the action. Darrell went around the yard and measured different spot....he found between 20" and 24" on the ground!
The kids went out to play in it, but it is so deep, it's almost not fun....above, Ann-Marie attempting to make a snow angel.

And here's our car....whenever it snows, we park one of the vehicles on the street so we know that we can get out if we need to....our double garage is down a hill which makes it harder to dig out and get the vehicles out in snow and ice. Darrell is standing on the street.
This one is hard to see, but Darrell said he made a "playpen" for the kids....dug a trench and a circle path so they had somewhere to play. How funny!

We have to be careful in our yard, however, as we have lots some massive branches off the tree directly behind our house. One fell on our playset, so I'm not sure if there was any damage or not yet. The snow is deep and heavy!

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