Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Wednesday Adventure

A canceled class led to an apple orchard experience which led to.......a day filled with rich memories! We have not explored eastern Ohio very much (except for the East Palestine pool in the summer) - so we decided to head west to visit Peace Valley Orchard in Ohio (sounds so far away, but really very close). Darrell was even able to come along as we headed out after lunch. Peace Valley Orchard boasts their own patented apple - the Buckeye Gala.
Enjoying Snickerdoodles and Apple Dumplings....
observing a Buckeye Gala tree up close.....
and of course, buying plenty of goodies!
We had time to spare and had heard of a wonderful farm near Columbiana, Ohio, so off we went.....we never found the farm but we found (can you spy them?) a marsh with sunning turtles and a robotic tractor driving endless circles testing Firestone tractors at the Firestone tire testing area.
As we headed towards Chippewa, Darrell took a detour and said he had always seen the sign for "Prayer Mountain" but had no idea what that we drove a very curvy hill up to what might possibly be the highest point in Beaver County with beautiful overlooks. As we were driving slowly around the grounds of what obviously was some sort of a ministry retreat, an elderly man in a golf cart flagged us down. He was the pastor, founder and president of "Prayer Mountain" and gave us a tour and let the kids play around the grounds. What a fantastic experience!

To travel outside of your "bubble", to meet new people and experience new things....even those within a close distance of where you that is living! And we did a lot of that today!

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