Tuesday, June 19, 2012

While the kids are away.....

 the parents will play!  This week all three children are away at a day camp, so we continue to follow our "stay-cation" plans.  On Monday, Darrell and I went into Pittsburgh and followed the downtown historical walk from the book, 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Pittsburgh.  If you know anything about parking in Pittsburgh, you know that it can cost more than your lunch (which we frugal sorts pack, so it definitely is more expensive to park!)  Head across the river to Station Square and the prices go down.  It's an extra walk across the bridge, but well worth it.  The historic walk was well-written and easy to follow.  We popped in and out of historical buildings and saw murals and hidden treasures we never knew existed.  This was much easier to do without the kids, so we were glad to have had an adult-only day to do this.

 On our way out of Pittsburgh, we stopped the the Market District Giant Eagle for a treat - crepes with bananas, strawberries, and Nutella!
 Today's adventure took us to the Stavich Bike Trail, which for us starts in Lawrence County, PA and ends in a little town called Lowellville, Ohio.  It is 10 miles and we rode out and back.  It was hot, 93 degrees by early afternoon, but there was a nice breeze and some shade.  It was all paved and an easy ride.
So for you locals and potential visitors....we have a lot to do in this area with even more to discover!

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