Monday, June 25, 2012

Settlers Cabin Park Hike

 Last Thursday, Darrell and I took one last opportunity for a couple hike (as the kids were still at summer camp) and decided to conquer Settlers Cabin Park trail hike.  The hiking trail is very well marked - we followed the blue to the green and back to the blue again.  If you stick just to the blue trail, it is very family-friendly.  The green trail gets a bit tricky and I wouldn't take young children on it.  The hike is short, but the park itself has a lot of great things to do with kids.  There was one handicapped-accessible new playground with plenty of baby swings, as well as a larger playground still being built.  We also discovered that there is a wave pool, although we did not bring our swimsuits to enjoy it.  For the hike - bring is very wooded and damp, so the bugs abound!

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