Monday, July 23, 2012

Where has July gone?

 It is July 23rd and it is hard to believe another summer month is almost gone.  Our family blog has been pretty quiet, as we have been busy.  The 4th of July brought the Midland parade (in about 100 degree weather) and a get together with friends....
 Look Grandpa Shippy - there are Farmalls in Pennsylvania parades!
 We enjoyed Kennywood with New York Life Company......Alec still wanted to ride some rides in Kiddyland, but he also enjoyed some bigger rides.
 Who doesn't love getting wet at the bottom of the Pittsburgh Plunge?

The rest of July was filled with planning VBS at our church, which was last week.  In the midst of the wonderful craziness, Darrell and I were able to spend some time together (compliments of some dear friends).  Above is one of our favorite summer lunch meals.....very Mediterranean.  We pray that you are enjoying your summer!

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