Sunday, October 21, 2012

A wild and wonderful family day

 Life has been so hectic it was time to slow down.  We heard the leaves were at their peak in West Virginia so off we went to explore Coopers Rock State Forest, near Morgantown, West Virginia.  It ended up being a perfect day!

 Cooper's Rock Giant was an interesting find....
 Our chef fed us well!
 The overlook is a must-see!

 Hiking Rattlesnake Trail was was the most technically difficult trail we have attempted with the kids.  Lots of rock formations to climb (be still my mom heart!)
 Yes, that is straight up!

 Rock City Trail is interesting also.
We are so glad we took the time to explore this new to us location and be amazed at the Fall colors this year!

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Esther said...

Must of had tons of fun!