Saturday, October 13, 2012

What's been going on?

 It's becoming harder and harder to keep up with this blog...probably because of the amount of time we spend away from home these days.  Ahhh, we fondly remember the days when the kids were little and we couldn't wait to get OUT of the house.  Now, it seems, with sports, activities, and general life, we don't seem to be IN the house.  How times change with the season you are in.  All I can say is ENJOY whatever season you happen to be in right now.  Anyway, wrapping up September (I know, we are well into October) with a visit to the Children's Museum during Rad Days (Pittsburgh's free museum days).  The museum wasn't too crowded and we enjoyed ourselves.

 The Aviary, on the other hand, was overrun with people, so all we were able to see was the one bird that happened to be outside.  We didn't mind, since we've been to the Aviary before.
 And wrapping up with Darrell's birthday.
We're praying that you are enjoying this Autumn season!

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Holistic Homemaking said...

A busy life with your family is a good life. At least you are all enjoying it together.

Enjoyed your post!