Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pre-Easter happenings

Ann-Marie had her Easter party at school on Wednesday, which I was able to help out with. Here's a picture of her and one of her very good friends, Sam (her other good friend, who is Sam's identical twin, Max, was sick that day). We had to take Ann-Marie to the dr. again before the party for ANOTHER ear infection. She is scheduled for tubes to be put in her ears on April 3 and hopefully that will help her conquer the ear infections.
We dyed Easter Eggs on Wednesday night....obviously Alec was VERY excited.

And on Friday, we went into work with Darrell. He works in an office above a specialty mall called Station Square in Pittsburgh. While Darrell was doing some work, the kids and I played. We got to eat lunch with Darrell at a Chinese restaurant. It was a nice day, other than Darrell was recovering from the flu and was not feeling 100 percent.

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Denise said...

You look like a little kid yourself in the train! Good luck with Ann-Marie's tubes..hope it solves the problem quickly!