Thursday, March 13, 2008

Signs of Spring...

I know, it's a couple more weeks until Spring (did I hear 10 days?) but we had a peek here today with 60 degree weather. As soon as Evan got off the school bus, off to the park we went! I forgot the camera, but it was a great, sunny, blue-skied day! Evan ran around after Alec because he wanted to make sure he would be o.k. (there were A LOT of big kids running around), Ann-Marie played on the swings most of the time, but it was Alec who was the most fun to watch. It looked like someone had been winding up the Energizer Bunny all winter and finally let him loose! All three children enjoy being outdoors (Mom included) but it is Alec who NEEDS to be outdoors. I know we are going to get some more bad weather even after Spring comes, but you will be able to find us outside more and more as we get these "glimmers into summer!"

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