Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Falling snow and teeth

We got a "light dusting" of snow on leap day. It took the area somewhat by surprise so we had no delays or cancellations, but it was not fun being out on the road. By the time preschool had ended, I couldn't get the van out of the driveway. Thankfully, Darrell was nearby and already had the car out so he could pick preschool kids up from school.
Here's a shot from our garage...poor Darrell has shoveled many, many times this past week. Our area is not known for being flat, and our driveway proves it. It is also gravel, not asphalt or paved, which is proving to be challenging in this weather. The kids love it when I "rev up" the minivan to make it up our driveway...sometimes it takes three or more tries!
I couldn't resist this picture of the boys taking a bath together. Evan has been taking more showers lately, so who knows when their last bath together will be!
And finally, falling teeth....Evan last two teeth over the weekend. Now he looks like a very cute Jack-o'-lantern!

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Denise said...

We have a really long driveway, so I know how it is to have to shovel it, luckily it hasn't snowed here much this year...oooh, but gravel...tough work! Evan looks cute as a jack-o-lantern!