Thursday, August 14, 2008

Forever Friends

I know, there are THREE separate posts for our three day trip to Lancaster county, PA. Why is that? Well, we had a wonderful time and I wanted to separate my thoughts on the trip. So here's the second post....the first is the Smilebox slideshow with our fun Dutchwonderland pictures (yes, it is the same place that Jon and Kate from "Jon and Kate plus Eight" went.) Anyway, here's the second post. Part of the reason we go to Dutch Wonderland (for the third straight summer) is so we can get together with some very special friends from Maryland. Above is a picture of Evan and his best friend, Paul. They started 4 year old preschool together and not only did they hit it off, but our families became fast friends also. These two are like brothers....I told Paul's mother, Nicole, that God made one mold, made these two from it, then broke that mold! It does hurt my heart sometimes that we live so far away from them now, but it seems that they are "forever friends" and still pick up where they left off. I love seeing into Evan's heart when he's with Paul....I see his loyalty and love for his friend. What a wonderful gift!

Do you notice them holding hands? Most of the time, my big seven year old boy tries to convince me that he's too big for cuddling and hugs and kisses, but Darrell captured the moment beautifully that the little boys are still there!

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Kasey B. said...

what a touching and beautiful moment