Thursday, August 7, 2008

Plain Old Summer Fun

It was just a normal summer day today, actually a bit cooler than to be expected in August. What to do with the restless natives? We have a wonderful state park just down the road from us so we packed up lunch, pails, water shoes, and positive attitudes and headed to the creek for some old-fashioned creek stomping. It actually turned into rock hunting (looking for those flat rocks to paint - thanks Brenda!!!), shell gathering, skipping of rocks, and the Olympic contest of who can throw the biggest rock. A couple hours of these activities will either restore family sanity or send you to the emergency room with some nasty wounds. Thankfully, we experienced the restoration of family sanity.
Ann-Marie as "Princess of the rock".
The kids on the bridge.
Evan insisted I take a picture of his pet bug, "Squirmy." Don't worry, he was released back to his family before we left the creek environment.
And the two pictures above are Alec with his treasured shell collection and trying to compete in "who can throw the biggest rock" competition. All great fun!

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