Monday, August 4, 2008

The Iowa - Pennsylvania link

There are many differences between living in Pennsylvania and living in Iowa, but we have found many similarities as well. We've already met three families that have relatives in Iowa. One of Ann-Marie's friends feels such a link to Iowa that she asked her mom when they were going to vacation in Iowa! (Her mom kindly told her that most people that visit Iowa are normally visiting relatives. I do have one friend that has told me her and her husband voluntarily vacationed in Iowa.....there are some sights to see other than farms and corn fields!)

Another pleasant similarity is the quality of sweet corn. Now I am a bit biased on my sweet corn since Iowa is known for their corn (field corn normally, but phenomenal sweet corn is grown.) So to my surprise, western PA is also known for quality sweet corn also. Obviously, our family loves it also and we don't consider it the height of summer until we're eating fresh sweet corn from the farmer's market several times a week! So to my midwestern friends and family, you'll have to come visit us here to compare the quality of western PA sweet corn to Iowa sweet corn....and you'll have to visit us in July or August! None of that grocery store frozen stuff will do!

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