Friday, November 20, 2009

Update and Blog problems

Well, I'm still not able to post our trip pictures, and I may have to switch to a new site for our family blog if I can't get these problems resolved soon. So that, among the busyness of life, is why I haven't updated our blog.

We had a great time with Dad and Mary while they were in western PA. We were sad to see them head back to Iowa, but it was good to get back into the swing of things after a week and a half of vacationing. Evan started a Martial Arts class near our house...we're doing a trial month to see if he likes it. Ann-Marie is back into gymnastics. We've been taking a lot of fun and educational field trips. Life continues to be busy......

Upcoming, Alec's birthday party tomorrow (Saturday) and his fourth birthday on Monday! My baby is turning four...where does the time go? Then onto Thanksgiving and on December 2nd, my sister, Sheila, and her family from Colorado will be visiting us for a week! Exciting stuff!

I will update everyone soon as to whether this blog will stay here or move to another blogging site.

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April Emery said...

ya know ... if you try to upload fewer photos at one time it may work. i know sometimes if i try to upload 5 at one time it fails, but if i do 2 or 3 it works ... or even one. try that and see if it works, too.