Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finishing Well

We did it! We finished our first year homeschooling with PACyber. This post is labeled "finishing well" because, quite frankly, we all experienced a bit of burn out in late May/early June. I thought February would be hard to school through, but that was a breeze compared to the Spring fever I caught! We persevered and I couldn't be more proud of my kids. To celebrate, we invited another family to come with us to SportsWorks in Pittsburgh. What a fun day!

On another note, we are trying to "finish well" the myriad of home projects that have popped up in the last couple of weeks. There are just not enough hours in the day! A dead bush (which is now a big hole in the front yard), stripped and not-yet repainted garage doors, and a basement office that had some water leakage due to the torrential rains we've had complete a list of never-ending projects. We figured that the home office was one of those projects we would get to eventually.....but since we had to empty it, dry it out and clean the carpet, we might as well complete the project now. We had some left-over paint from last summer's painting projects....a light shade of blue that Darrell took to Home Depot to tint what we hoped to turn out an Air Force Blue.....instead we have more of an tropical island blue, but we like it. Ann-Marie decided she was going to get in on the painting and she did quite well.

Pap will be proud.....a little painter apprentice to follow in his footsteps!

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