Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

Not many pictures from this weekend, but lots of wonderful memories. I sat back and enjoyed the time with our family and PA friends, so the camera was left behind. Here's a recap:
Friday, we headed to Idlewilde for a PACyber field trip. It was hot, so we rode some rides and then spent the majority of the time in the water park, until 4:00 p.m. when the thunderstorm came through and closed the park down. Alec rode his first adult-sized water slide. Good times!

We stayed overnight with Toni (Darrell's oldest sister) and family...this overlapped with Micheal's last day of high school, so we met several of his friends as they were having a sleepover in the basement. On Saturday, we left for home, but Ann-Marie stayed and spent some quality time with her Aunt Toni.

Sunday brought the annual family gathering at Karen's house and we had wonderful weather for enjoying her swimming pool. It was nice to see everyone there, as several of our nieces and nephews are now college students with busy schedules. Ann-Marie got to show off her new plants (compliments of Aunt Toni) to include a tomato plant named Juliette. I'm hoping to keep Juliette alive this summer!

Monday, we met a group of our close friends in Beaver to watch the Memorial Day parade. We then all gathered at one of their houses for a cookout and stayed for the majority of the afternoon. Adults and children had a great time.

This weekend we were blessed with a wonderful combination of family time, activities, time with friends, and great weather. We hope that you enjoyed an excellent start to your summer also!

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