Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sliding into Summer

Evan had a week of Skybacher's Basketball Camp to kick off the summer. If you look really closely, you can pick Evan out on the court (look for the curly hair!) Below are the three amigos....Zach, Joseph and Evan....good friends!
Yesterday was our church's Family Fishing Event....a couple from our church graciously opens up their lake once a year and lets us come and fish and picnic. This is our third year and we always enjoy it.
Ann-Marie just likes playing with the worms...what is it with my family and worms????

Darrell did most of the fishing with the kids...I don't enjoy fishing as much. He had a good time and even caught himself a Father's Day present (although all the fish are catch and release).

I'm going to take this opportunity to thank my husband for being a wonderful husband and father. Darrell is selfless, loving and giving and our family would not function and thrive the way it does without him. I love you and appreciate you, Darrell!

On another adventure - Iowa! We'll be heading there on Monday...I'll try to post updates on the road.

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