Sunday, July 4, 2010

Time with cousins

Our annual trip to Iowa to see my side of the family is always a special time, and this year was no exception. Both of my younger sisters and their families were able to come also - one from Colorado and one from Belle Plaine, Iowa. All of the cousins enjoyed each other, and we were able to meet two new cousins, both just born this year!

We enjoyed Great-Grandma's waffle ice cream cookies together - a classic treat!

The closest in age cousins especially bonded - Alec (4) and Silas (3) as well as Ann-Marie (7) and Isabelle (5).

Meeting Abigail (note the "Baby Bling" she wore for family pictures) and Grant - and attempting family pictures was priceless!

Other pictures are my sisters and I (we don't look anything alike!) first cousin Tyler with his second cousins on the Merry-Go-Round.....Ann-Marie loving Abigail.....and the Grandparents will all of the grandkids (it's getting to be quite a group!) More pictures and memories will follow in days to come.....

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