Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day trips in Iowa

What is there to do in northeast Iowa, other than experience rural life? Well, plenty. Since our children are old enough to appreciate and enjoy museums, we have started exploring the treasures of Iowa when we go there in June every year. This year, we took two separate day trips and had a blast! We visited the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium in Dubuque, Iowa. This is a must see if you happen through this area. We found that our FONZ zoo membership got us in for half off, which was a plus.
There are several aquariums scattered throughout the two buildings.
Lots of hands-on activities for the kids!

The special exhibit was about nocturnal animals....any guesses as to what Ann-Marie turned into?

Of course, there was a water room for the kids to play in also!
Below, the crew....Uncle Jim and Aunt Bonnie, Dad, Carla and Isabelle along with my family made for a really fun and memorable day! Also, the Shot Tower Inn is a great family-friendly lunch or dinner spot nearby to eat at.
On another day, Dad took us to Spillville, Iowa to tour the Bily Clocks Museum....we took a guided tour and learned a lot about these clocks, the men who made them, and the historical time frame that they were made.
No pictures are allowed inside the museum, but there are some interesting things outside the museum also....for example, the old Spillville Jail.....
and the school house.
We then headed into Decorah, Iowa for lunch and to visit the Seed Savers Exchange.....
Ann-Marie especially likes this place because of all the unique flowers, herbs, and plants. Later, Darrell and I went back to Decorah to eat at the Dolce Vita Restaurant....we highly recommend this restaurant! They have wood-fired pizza and a great international menu.

So many treasures in northeast Iowa to discover.....we will look forward to next summer!

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